Harroooo my internet BB's

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Trying to get some dolls sold quick before I head out to LDoll in France! Would love to sell today or tomorrow as I am heading to LDoll Monday evening! 


Legit Dollshe Bernard/Saint in WS for sale with open and dreaming head. $700 OBO


Legit Dollshe Bernard/Saint in Ebony for sale with Bernard and Saint heads. $800 OBO


Legit Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe $900 OBO

I’m looking for $900 plus shipping for her since she has had all her seams removed, has flat and high heel feet, has both fantasy faceups, ears pierced, and custom made swarovski earrings. I do have some clothes and wigs for her that I would be happy to take pics and send prices for as well if you’re interested.

Posting here too. C’mon someone adopt these guys/gal :)